What is Bonus cash conversion?

What is Bonus cash conversion?

Dear Trader,

We will bear the 28% GST applicable to your deposit so that your experience on TradeX remains as smooth and stress-free as always. Your entire deposit amount will be credited to your TradeX wallet without any deductions!

This decision is aimed at improving our service and managing increased costs. We seek your cooperation and support as we gradually convert your deposits into your withdrawable balance. Accordingly, a set percentage of your deposits will be transformed into withdrawable balance according to your Cash application.

Currently, this rate is 25%, meaning that after each match won, 25% of your bonus balance will be converted into withdrawable balance.

Please note that this won't affect your Net Winnings, and the entire amount will be transferred immediately to your Withdrawable Balance.

We value your loyalty to TradeX, and we understand that you play daily, withdrawing and redepositing regularly, which adds to the burden of GST. Therefore, we request your support in overcoming this GST challenge as much as possible.

Let's understand this with an example:

If you deposit ₹100, we will credit ₹78.125 to your Deposit balance and ₹21.87 to your bonus. Let's assume you win ₹500.

  1. ₹400 Net Winnings will go to your Earnings/Withdrawal Balance.
  2. ₹5.46 (25% of your ₹21.87 Bonus) will also be transferred to your Winnings/Withdrawable Balance.
  3. The remaining ₹16.41 will stay in your Bonus Balance.
Your TradeX wallet will then appear as follows:

  1. Deposit Balance + Bonus: ₹16.41
  2. Winnings Balance: ₹483.58 (₹400 Net Winnings + ₹78.125 Deposit balance + ₹5.46 Bonus conversion)
For more information, you can contact us through this link. [click here]

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