In the dynamic world of opinion trading, we at TradeX understand that issues and concerns can arise. Ensuring a smooth and transparent grievance retrieval process is paramount to maintaining trust and fostering a positive user experience. This article outlines the steps and procedures we've put in place to address and resolve any grievances you might encounter while using TradeX.


1. Recognizing the Importance of Feedback:

Every grievance, big or small, is an opportunity for us to improve. We value your feedback and are committed to addressing it promptly and effectively.


2. Initiating the Grievance Retrieval Process:

- Step 1: Identify the Issue - Before reaching out, take a moment to clearly identify the issue you're facing. This will help in providing a swift resolution.

- Step 2: Use In-App Support - For immediate concerns, our in-app support is equipped to provide quick solutions. Navigate to the 'FAQs' from the Account section of the app to access the Help Center where we have vast resources addressing the most common issues that you could face or connect with your peers and Pro Traders on the 'Telegram' community by clicking on 'Join Telegram' in the Account section on the TradeX app.

- Step 3: Ticket Support - If your concern isn't addressed via in-app support, please raise a ticket with detailed information on your issue. Ensure you include relevant details such as transaction IDs, timestamps, or screenshots.


3. Response Time:

Upon receiving your grievance, our dedicated team will acknowledge receipt within 2-3 working hours. We aim to resolve all issues within 3 business days, though complex matters might require additional time. Tickets raised after 21:00 hours [IST] are addressed the next day from 09:00 hours [IST].


4. Escalation:

If you feel your grievance hasn't been addressed satisfactorily, you can escalate the matter by writing to our Grievance Officer at Please provide a detailed account of the issue and any previous correspondence related to the grievance.


5. Resolution and Feedback:

Once your grievance is resolved, we'll reach out to ensure you're satisfied with the resolution. We also encourage feedback on the grievance retrieval process itself, helping us refine and improve our approach.


6. Continuous Improvement:

TradeX is committed to a culture of continuous improvement. We regularly review our grievance retrieval process, incorporating user feedback and industry best practices.

At TradeX, we believe in building and maintaining a relationship of trust with our users. Your concerns are our concerns, and we're dedicated to ensuring a seamless and positive experience for all. If you ever face any challenges, know that our grievance retrieval process is designed to support and assist you every step of the way.