How do I open a TradeX account?

How do I open a TradeX account?

It's easy! You can open a TradeX account here. You will have to provide your phone number. You’ll receive an OTP to log in and start trading.
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      Blocked Account Resolution Process: Account Inactivity: If a user's account is blocked due to fraudulent transactions or suspicious activity, the account will be rendered inactive for trading and withdrawal of funds. Resolution Communication: ...
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      At TradeX, we are committed to ensuring that every user experiences a platform that upholds the highest standards of fairness, competition, and integrity. This Fairplay Policy, integral to our terms and conditions, is designed to guide and ensure ...
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      Keep App updated: Regularly update all software on your devices to patch security vulnerabilities. Avoid using VPN: While updating software, refrain from using VPNs as they can sometimes interfere with the update process. Never share OTP: Never share ...
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      TradeX is always live and open for trading. Users can place bids at any point in time of the day or night as long as the event has not been settled already.
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