No worries, here are a few things to check if you're unable to login.

  1. Are you're using the most recent version of the TradeX app? iOS users can visit the app store to check for an update, while Android users can install the latest .apk file from the TradeX website.
  2. Are you logged into more than 1 device at a time? Check your phones to see if you are accessing TradeX from multiple locations. If you're unable to do so, write to our support team and request to "sign out from all devices".
  3. Is your internet connection stable? Visit to check your internet speed.
  4. Have you entered the correct OTP? Re-send the OTP that you received from TradeX and enter it correctly.
  5. Have you received any email from TradeX regarding your account being banned? Search for mails from with the subject "Account Banned".

If none of the above issues are the root of cause and the problem persists, please contact our support team.