Blocked Account Resolution Process:

  1. Account Inactivity: If a user's account is blocked due to fraudulent transactions or suspicious activity, the account will be rendered inactive for trading and withdrawal of funds.

  2. Resolution Communication: Affected users should promptly reach out to to address any pending inquiries related to the suspicious transactions.

  3. User Cooperation: It is imperative for the user to provide all necessary information and fully cooperate with the TradeX Team to expedite the resolution process.

  4. Account Reconciliation: Once all transactions associated with the account are reconciled and necessary adjustments are made, TradeX will proceed to reactivate the account.

  5. Permanent Blockage: If an account remains blocked for a period exceeding 3 years, or if the user fails to provide satisfactory information or clarification regarding the suspicious transactions, the account will be permanently blocked. Any remaining balance in such an account will be confiscated.



Inactive Account Reactivation Process:

  1. Account Status: Accounts that have not engaged in any trade for a duration exceeding 1 year will be designated as "Inactive".

  2. Reactivation Procedure: To reactivate an inactive account, users are required to undergo the KYC (Know Your Customer) process again. This can be done via the KYC section within the TradeX app.

  3. Account Reactivation: Upon successful approval of the KYC, the previously inactive account will be reactivated, with all prior balances restored.



For any further queries or assistance, please reach out to our support team We are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for all our users.