What is the new structure of the app's wallet?

In the new wallet structure, we have made some changes to improve clarity and organization. There are three different sections:

Deposits Wallet: This is where you will find your wallet recharges and sign-up offers. Deposits made to your account will be stored here.

Earnings Wallet: Your winnings from trades will be stored in this wallet. If you win more than your initial bet, the deposit + winnings will be added to your Earnings Wallet.

Token Wallet: Shows your total Token Holdings.

How does the Earnings Wallet work?

When you place a bet and win, the winnings will be moved to your Earnings Wallet. For example, if you bet Rs. 50 and win Rs. 60 in a trade, the full Rs. 60 will be added to your Earnings Wallet. Similarly, if you bet Rs. 50 and lose Rs. 10, Rs. 40 will be transferred to your Earnings Wallet.

What happens to the sign-up offer amount of Rs. 10?

The sign-up offer amount of Rs. 10 will be added to your Deposit Wallet. You can use this amount to place trades, and any winnings from the sign-up offer will also be added to your Earnings Wallet.

Can I withdraw my Deposits?

No, Deposits made to your account are not withdraw-able. Only the funds in your Earnings Wallet can be withdrawn.

How are trades and part sell of shares handled in terms of wallet deductions?

During a trade, money will first be deducted from your Deposits Wallet and then from your Earnings Wallet. For a part sell of shares, Bonus Cash will be settled first, up to the cumulative limit of 10 credits.

Expiry of Winnings, Bonuses, and Token Wallet

What happens to my winnings, bonuses, and token wallet if I am inactive for a long period?

Expiry of Winnings, Bonuses, and Token Wallet
If you are inactive or have not placed any trades in the last 150 days, the following will occur:

1. Winnings Expiry: Any winnings in your account will expire if there is no trading activity for 150 days.

2. Bonus Expiry: Any bonuses credited to your account will also expire after 150 days of inactivity.

3. Token Wallet Expiry: The tokens in your token wallet will be forfeited if no trades are placed within the 150-day period.

To avoid losing your winnings, bonuses, and tokens, ensure that you place at least one trade within every 150-day period. This will keep your account active and prevent the expiration of your balance.


Please keep in mind that these FAQs provide general information about the new wallet structure. Specific details and rules may apply, so we recommend reaching out to our customer support for any further clarification.