What is an information market?

What is an information market?

Information Market is a marketplace, where highly debatable topics get published as an event, and people express their opinion by placing their bids either on Yes or No, based on the likelihood of the outcome of the event.
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    • How is my information stored?

      Besides your transactional records, none of your personal information is stored with TradeX. Your personal information, such as your phone number and email address are encrypted before your data flows through our marketing platforms like MoEngage, ...
    • How to trade on TradeX?

      What is TradeX? TradeX is an information exchange platform for trading on future topics (like stocks, businesses, politics, weather, etc.) by predicting the outcome with a simple Yes or No. Pretty easy right? This is called an information market. ...
    • What should I do if I encounter a technical glitch?

      Report glitches through the support center. Provide detailed information to facilitate a quick resolution.
    • What is a position?

      Your position in a market is the direction and quantity of contracts that you own in that market. If you own both, Yes and No contracts in a market, your position’s “direction” is Yes if you own more Yes contracts than No contracts, and vice versa. ...
    • How is the event outcome decided?

      The event outcome is decided on the basis of the “Source of Settlement”, which is always listed at the bottom of any event’s “Market Info” tab.