What is TradeX?

What is TradeX?

What is TradeX?

TradeX is an information exchange platform for trading on future topics (like stocks, businesses, politics, weather, etc.) by predicting the outcome with a simple Yes or No. Pretty easy right? This is called an information market.

Now, while TradeX is designed as a trading app, you also get unbiased real-time information on everyday events that matter to you. [eg. helping you decide whether a movie is worth watching or not.]

Event: Liger to be a hit movie?

Majority of the traders bought NO two days before the movie launched.


What is an Information Market?

An Information Market is an electronic market where the negotiated product is information. This information is traded on its potential outcome of either Yes or No (i.e. Will this event happen?) The price of each side fluctuates in response to trading activity. When a user trades on either side, they own an event contract.


What is an Event Contract?

Event contracts are contracts between users who trade on active markets, based on the outcome of a future event. Contracts are priced from ₹ 1 to ₹ 100 and represent the probability you think the event will occur. Ultimately, each contract pays out ₹ 100 if the event happens, and ₹ 0 if not.


Basics to know before investing in markets

Multiple markets are active on the TradeX app, and users can trade on the markets they want to. A market consists of the Event title, Market Resolution, and settlement link. Market Resolution is the most important piece of information as we try to cover all possible scenarios here based on which each event gets settled.

To start off, let’s consider an example for an Instant-Match event:

🕢 Event: India to win against Australia?

In an Instant-match event, Price changes frequently based on the changes in the event. If you put ₹ 100 Amount on Select Price of ₹ 20 on YES, you get 5 Total shares and at the time of event settlement, you earn ₹ 500 if India wins, and ₹ 0 if India loses. If a match gets cancelled, the event gets cancelled and the amount will be refunded in the user's wallet.

TradeX allows Trading on markets which means users can sell their shares any time and won’t have to wait till the settlement time.


Event selection, analysis & bid

You can select an event from the various categories of events that we have on the TradeX app. Selection of an events should be done on the basis of expertise, knowledge, and interest of the Trader.

Exploring all the markets on TradeX can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re here to trade your convictions, finding the right event at the right price is key. Look for events that you have a strong opinion about, in topics you find personally interesting. As you browse through the categories, pay close attention to the Yes and No prices. Do you agree with the sentiment expressed by other traders?

Finding the right event?

Before you’re able to decide on an event to trade in, you should know what categories of events exist on TradeX! A good place to start your search is through the search button located at top right corner of the home page below wallet icon. This page has a list of categories that are especially useful for discovering events. There, you can find events that have been featured for their interesting subject matter or are currently popular with other traders. We can also check out all the events that TradeX has to offer in the All category section.

Read the event details carefully

Once you’ve decided on an event to participate in, it’s important to have all the information you need to make an informed trade. Scrolling on the market info page will reveal the MR (Market Resolution) section, which contains the Start Date and Time, Close Date and Time, Settlement Date and Time, and other important pieces of information to keep in mind while trading. Perhaps the most important of these are the Source Agency and Market Resolution. TradeX's events may seem broad, but each event has a very specific set of criteria that must be met in order for settlement to occur in a specific direction, whether the outcome is Yes or No.

Know the rules: Events are designed to be interesting and competitive, so you should make sure you understand the MR before you begin trading.  Any market participant should be able to verify the result of a settlement, and you should familiarize yourself with these details prior to buying and selling contracts.

Gather Information and Innovate

Information comes from unlikely sources, and finding those wacky correlations can give you an edge in the market. All the latest news, information, and market updates in the respective event should be gathered and analyzed before starting the trade.

Step 1: Begin by scrolling through the Markets tab and looking for events of your interest. Something that you have the basic knowledge of like Crypto, Politics, Sports or US stocks.

Step 2: Once you’ve finalised an event that appeals to you, check its settlement date and time. If there’s enough time left before the event expires, you’ve found yourself an event. If not, repeat the process till you find one.

Screenshot from web.tradexapp.co

Step 3: Visit the settlement link to see where the event stands. If you’ve selected a YouTube range event, go and check the views of the video.

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